Purple 3 Day Update

It’s been a busy time in the Purple Room. The children continue to be engaged in dramatic play actively using the kitchen area as a restaurant and creating tea parties and picnics. They’ve even made some flower arrangements.

The materials on the train table are ever changing and it’s always a favorite spot.  

Sensory opportunities abound in the Purple room.  Play dough and sensory bins using kinetic sand, beans and other materials provide tactile experiences.  

P3 5.jpg

After telling the story of the Three Little Pigs, we provided a tray with play dough and choices of straw, sticks or “bricks” along with three pigs and a wolf.

Your children love to be helpers.  We have a sweeper and brooms and dustpans.  They will help dry off playground equipment.  Last week one of the Big Day children asked to select the paint colors for the easel that day.  Perhaps a new tradition has begun!

We are revisiting Eric Carle with some mural painting in red.  Be on the lookout for Red Bird to land on our back wall soon!

We are talking about the seasons which is a big concept for the toddler mind.  Please be sure to notice with your child all the changes around us that signify Spring.  We point out as many things as we can during our time outdoors on the playground and when we take special walks to explore and observe.

P3 11.jpg

**Special request: we are out of baby wipes.  If your child is still in diapers, please send in an extra container (or two) of wipes to resupply us.  We could also use recycled water bottles and toilet paper rolls.** Thank you!

Sarah & Amy