In preparation for Easter the children explored egg dying using both artificial and natural dyes.  The colors from the beets, coffee, turmeric, blueberries and red cabbage were subtle and lovely, and the children always love the bright commercial dyes.  Thanks to the teachers, all the eggs were hard boiled and ready for both dying and peeling. The children, using their small finger muscles, peeled the hard boiled eggs and then enjoyed a healthy snack.

A new material, modeling clay, was added to the Green room selection, for children to create birds’ nests filled with eggs.  Clay is fun, creative and requires a harder touch than play dough, again, building those muscles for holding pencils and strong grips.

In conjunction with talk about eggs and what comes from eggs came a classroom wide emphasis on farms.  (Where else would we find eggs?) We were excited to have a visit from the Teeny Tiny Farm last week to give the children an opportunity to touch, feel and listen to a host of very small farm animals.

Now we are counting down with excitement for our seventeen eggs to hatch April 30th in the incubator in the Blue room. We have had fun making chick life cycle flip books. In addition, we have used eggs to watch the process of osmosis. Can dyed water slide through an egg shell? Check out 3 Insanely Cool Egg Experiments - Playdough To Plato to find out!

Next week, we will celebrate Earth Day all week long! Please send in recyclable materials.

Your 5 Day Teachers,
Marcie Moyer, Laura Nelson, Whitney Thouron and Paige Archer