The Red room is having a great time exploring the farm with all of its equipment, plants and animals! The children are loving mimicking the sounds of the animals. Another of the activities the children are enjoying is decorating barns using a variety of materials, then sticking farm animals inside.

At the tray table children are sorting and counting animals and matching colored pig tails with similarly colored pig bottoms.  They are painting pigs in the mud with marbles and making cow head bands. Playing with farm animals in the mud then washing them off with tooth brushes in soapy water has been a particular favorite.  Experiencing the texture of “mud”, made with cornstarch and brown paint, is a new feeling, enhanced by having  plastic pigs to roll in the mixture - such great sensory experiences.

The Teeny Tiny Farm will be visiting the school Thursday, April 12th.  The children will be able to see and touch a variety of farm animals!

Thank you as always for all of your support and for sharing your children with us.


Blanche, Debbie and Jelena