Purple 3 Day Update

The children have grown in so many ways this year.  Sad as it will be for us to say good-bye to them, we can see that many of them are really ready to move on.  Some days it feels as though we have outgrown our space.   They started the year with solitary play and are now playing not just in pairs but in groups.  There is a lot of talk of best friends and best buddies.  The children understand that their classmates are friends they can turn to, invite to play, console and encourage.  There is a true sense of camaraderie among them.

We often say to the children, “Use your words.”  We are now able to be more explicit, saying “Explain your idea.”  We can give them a simple example of what we mean and they implement the suggestion and use it again, transferring it to another situation.  It’s remarkable to see.  For example, two children are digging in the sandbox and suddenly one is very upset but the other has no idea why. We say to the one who is upset, “Explain your idea.  Help your friend see what you’re trying to do.  Explain where you want the sand to be and what you’re trying to create.  Otherwise he doesn’t understand why putting the sand in the wagon is upsetting to you.  Maybe even ask him what his idea was then decide whose idea you want to use."

The children have thoroughly enjoyed planting seeds.  Recently, after reading One Bean, by Anne Rockwell, we put beans between wet paper towels and after they sprouted, we planted them in soil.  Your child brought home a bean plant last week.  Keep us posted if you have a bumper crop!  We also created Mixed Media gardens as you will see hanging in the hallway.

We are blessed for the opportunity to care for these children.
Sarah & Amy