Purple Room 2 Day Update


The children have grown in so many ways this year.  Sad as it will be for us to say good-bye to them, we can see that many of them are ready to move on.  Many parents have told me that their child would love to be in school more days.  This is when you know they are ready!

The children have thoroughly enjoyed planting radish and cucumber seeds.  Last week, after reading One Bean, by Anne Rockwell, we put beans between wet paper towels and this week we will see if they have sprouted, then plant them in soil.  We created Mixed Media gardens as you will see hanging in the hallway.

We have created cloud paintings and talked about what we see in the clouds, just like in It Looked Like Split Milk, by Charles G. Shaw.

We have been blessed with the care of these children.

Thank you!

Sarah & Amy