Welcome New Advisory Board Members 

The Advisory Board of St. Stephen’s Preschool is invaluable!  Wise counsel, sharp minds and keen eyes all, this group assures that the preschool’s mission is clear, its finances sustainable and that it functions well as a mission of the church.

This Board is comprised of the Rector and his clergy member, parents, past and present, and community and church members who have a special interest in the school and skills that support it.

It is with appreciation and sadness that we say, “Thank You and Good-bye” to Steve Haas, Rebekah McKay, Stedman Oakey, Taylor Raquet and Susan Taliaferro for their service for the past three years. 

The Rector of St. Stephen’s, Gary Jones, and Associate Rector, Penny Nash are members of the Board, along with Chip Tompkins, Vestry Representative.  Continuing their terms are Marc Ayscue, Julia Ayscue (Parents’ Council Co Chair), James Driscoll, Jeff Johnson, Caroline Marvel, Mary Douglas Rice (Parents’ Council Co Chair) and Marty Ritter.  

We now welcome the new members - Lee Batten, Woody Cheuk, Lee Drummond, Andy Luke and Meredith Watson - as the newest members of the St. Stephen’s Advisory Board.  Their terms expire in 2021.

Newly elected as officers for 2018-2019 are:

                Wortie Ferrell, President

                Burke Lewis, Past President

                Bill Armstrong, Treasurer

                Katie Payne, Secretary

The school is privileged to be guided and supported by such a strong and committed group.