A Big Thank You!!!

Our Parents’ Council has been charged with making sure the St. Stephen’s community has fun.  At Spirit Night they exceeded expectations!

Thank you Kari Hyman and Annie Turner for Spirit Night and the great triumvirate of events we’ve had this year. To Julia Ayscue and Mary Douglas Rice, our Parents’ Council Co-Chairs goes a round of applause for their leadership. 

We dressed up, laughed, and got to know each other at the first annual Trunk-or-Treat in October. It was such fun the Parents’ Council has already set the date for 2018 - October 26th.

 On the only decent day in January, we tasted amazing chili and mac and cheese, were a little competitive and had a blast watching our children play together and did a little of that ourselves.

At Spirit Night they did it again!  We experienced a new venue, yummy food and great company.  Thank you Kari and Annie.

Thank you all those of you who have done so much for the preschool.  We, the teachers, want each of you to know how much your support means to us, every day.  You are in the snack room; you feed us on staff meeting days and you design and distribute all the wonderful St. Stephen’s wares.  You read, you host us for parties and egg hunts, you thank us and you are support each of us.

Sooooo, from the bunch of us, a huge thank you and a small token of our appreciation.  If you have volunteered at the school in any way this year, we hope you received your begonia at Spirit NIght or from the snack room last week and know that it was planted and tied with love.

Thanks from all of us!