Summer Camp FUN!

Once again, summer camp had been a blast!  Whether the children have been “at the beach” or making their own food during the Farm to Table experience, they’ve been engaged with each other, their teachers and the materials presented.

Our older preschool students have made their own snacks – kale, zucchini, corn, and cucumbers from the Farmers’ Market – and green beans, bananas and garbanzo bean dip.  We are so grateful to the farmers of the Farmer’s Market for donating the produce to the church Food Pantry and to us.  We are also grateful to parent, Garner Stewart, who has served as the school’s liaison with the Market. 

As the children helped get the donated foods ready for their snack, they prepared the kale by washing it, tearing the leaves from their stems, painting the leaves with oil and spices, then reveled in eating the roasted kale. They, and some of the teachers, tried kale for the first time, and loved it! Shucking corn was a new activity for some.  It’s a great way for your child to help at home.

Eli. with Rudy's Exotic Mushrooms and Produce (and St. Stephen's Farmer's Market Vendor), visited the Preschool camp children and shared his knowledge about mushrooms. Did you know mushrooms should be cooked to get the most nutritional benefit? 

The campers in the Red room, graduates of the Purple Room, have adapted well to their new classroom with Blanche Bruns and Jelena Subotic.  Whether it’s been tray activities, “grilling”, creating with playdough or sorting shells, these summer campers have stayed busy.  Water Day was a smash hit with multiple ways of getting wet and playing in the water.  

The children in the Orange room have been socializing, playing, working, and choosing activities in both the Orange and Purple Rooms.  Christine Bordwine, Debbie Temple and Ellie Caplice are watching over the youngest campers as they navigate their new beachy activities. 

This year, in addition to the wonderful staff, we have been fortunate to have three volunteers helping with camp.  One is a 2007 SSP graduate and rising Junior at Trinity and the other two are rising juniors from St. Catherine's in the Junior Internship Program. Each has brought energy, talent and care to our summer campers.  Thank you!