Hurricane Florence May Disrupt a Great School Beginning

After the first five minutes this morning, it was hard to believe how early it is in the school year.  One of the Toddlers had Amy’s keys.  When I asked her if she were in charge, her answer was, “Yes!”. Even the child who seemed so startled that his mother was really going to make him get out of the car during carpool, settled into his five day classroom and had a big grin by 9:30 as he worked with the Legos.  It was a good day!  

Thanks to each of you parents, who is trying so hard to follow the rules - coming through the carpool line, leaving quickly when you drop Toddlers off on the playground, or hiding behind the pole so your Orange room child can’t see you when you’re peeking.  It makes a difference!

Just about the time we get everyone in the groove, it is appearing that Hurricane Florence will disrupt it all.  Please check your email and Facebook and/or tune into channels 6 and 12 for communications about schedule changes.  According to the parent handbook, we will be closed if two of our neighboring schools (St. Bridget’s, St. Catherine’s or St. Christopher’s) are closed.  Take a look at “Snow Policy”.

Also, please stay alert about our Back to School Night that is scheduled for Thursday night, September 13.  We will decide by Wednesday if we need to reschedule because of weather.

Thanks so for choosing St. Stephen’s Preschool for your family and for being flexible during these uncertain days.  Stay tuned!