Orange Room(s) Update

We are off to a great start in the orange room!  We have completed phase in and are now on our regular schedule.  The children really benefited from the small group size and shorter day so they could become comfortable in their new classroom and new friends.  We are enjoying getting to know your little ones.
  The children are quickly learning the routine and really look forward to snack time.  They are  learning that after they are finished snack, they carry their plate and cup to the sink.  We will continue to work on these important self-help skills. 
  We had music for the first time with Ms. Sprenkle and the children were so attentive as she played the guitar and sang songs.    The Thursday-Friday and Monday-Tuesday classes also had movement with Preston and she had everyone working those large muscles by going under and over the limbo stick! 
  At circle time, we have been reading books, singing songs and getting to know the names of our friends. 
   In the art center we have been working on self-portraits using crayons, markers, and chalk and will have them displayed in our classroom soon. 
  Thanks for sharing your little ones with us. We are enjoying getting to know them.

Christine, Debbie and Leigh

ORANGE ROOM Monday-Tuesday


ORANGE ROOM Thursday-Friday