Today the whole school, minus our Orange room friends, met in Palmer Hall to kick off our semester of kindness.  We talked about Mr. Rogers’ three rules of success – 1. Kindness 2. Kindness 3.Kindness and read the Kindness Starts with You by Jacquelyn Stagg. 

All the teachers were given kindness coins, which, when they see someone being kind, they will give to that child.  In the assembly Kay had already heard one of the children checking on another who was sad and gave out the first kindness coin.

It’s our hope to fill the kindness jar with multiple coins from each child.  When we can do that, we’ll have a huge bubble party, for the whole school!

Kindness can happen at home as well.  If your child does something particularly nice to you, his/her sibling or friends, please send him/her to school with a small note letting us know what you’ve observed and we’ll be sure to hand out a coin.

It’s been said that if we do something, anything, for 21 days, it becomes a habit.  We’re hoping that kindness will become one of the life-long habits your child learns here at St. Stephen’s Preschool!