The children in the Red Room have had a wonderful time celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday during the last week before spring break. We’ve read The Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham, and  One Fish, Two, Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish then followed up with related activities.

Using red and white unifex cubes, the children made Cat in the Hat towers, emphasizing patterning,  With red and white paint the children could choose to make Cat in the Hat like hats with alternating stripes. 

Another activity included sorting colored gold fish.  Making individual fish bowls with colored fish helped with color identification, counting, and sorting. Yet another was counting goldfish and putting them into fish bowls labeled with numbers 1-6.

The children discovered that they could make green “eggs” by mixing blue and yellow finger paint together. Perhaps the tastiest  activity of the week was eating the marshmallow, green pudding, vanilla wafer and pink frosting tower treats that the children made to resemble the Cat in the Hat’s hat.

The children used their fine motor skills at the sensory table to scoop rice from the sensory table into individual cupcake liners inside of a cupcake tin.  They could even  add candles. The happy birthday song in honor of Sr. Seuss filled our classroom for days!

With the advent of spring, with its March winds and warmth, weather, spring and growing will soon become the work of the new season. 

Remember, we’ll be wearing Green on the first day back after the break to signify the luck of the Irish sure to come if we do.

Blanche and Eleanor